is back online. Even if it’s hacked again I have a million other ways to restore it 🙂 Attacks such as this actually help affirm to my viewers, fans and friends that 1) I’m correct in my research 2) my research is important and 3) I’m a bit more worth while of a person to know than my critics are able to admit due to their unjustified sense of pride, self and vanity.

Essentially I am a historian.

This weekend I’m finishing up the launch of the video project for my book Perfect For Porn – in addition I will try to launch – it’s pretty important.

FYI – Much of my research touches the fringes of the reality of satanism. My most recent post: ,which led to the hacking of , most likely stopped a satanic ritual (set to utilize a set of twin boys) from taking place. The ritual most likely set to involve those particular minors can no longer happen due to the public’s AWARENESS.

You will never read the details of the situation anywhere unless you are an “elite”. All that can be shared with the general public is IN MY POST.

If a person wants to be a satanist, fine – that’s their choice (I’ll be team God till the end of time) – however the one thing you don’t do is attempt to circumvent the FREE WILL of the naive and innocent – ESPECIALLY that of CHILDREN.

I don’t expect to be on Twitter much longer, as their network is part of the “machine” created to silence the truth. Plus, I’ve been invited to join a far more effective “social media network” 🙂