TRPWL aka Sean Matthew Tompkins SERIOUSLY BELIEVES that he should be the ONLY adult industry blogger

In early 2017 when veteran pornstar & radio personality Melissa Hill interviewed Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL of The Real Pornwikileaks NO ONE ever would have that that she’d expose the fact that Tompkin’s actually (seriously) believes that HE ALONE should be the only porn and adult entertainment industry news and gossip blogger.

In this video, here DIRECTLY FROM SEAN MATTHEW TOMPKINS himself his thoughts about why he doesn’t feel Michael Strother aka Mike South, Kelli Roberts and other people he categorizes as “scumbags” should have First Amendment rights OR internet access.

In addition Tompkins attempts to rationalize the fraudulent attainment of websites by stating that the owners who built the sites don’t “deserve” the sites. Of course Tompkins believes he’s entitled to anyone’s website he wants because he’s far too lazy and not creative enough to build a popular and original website himself.

According to a trusted adult entertainment industry insider, Sean blatantly lies to Melissa Hill about the financial details in regards to his attainment of LukeIsBack…

Furthermore Sean Matthew Tompkins (and possibly his partner Vantrese as well) openly states that whenever someone in the porn industry asks him to delete an article written about them from many years ago – whether the content of the article is valid / legitimate or not – if the person in the porn industry wants it deleted (and he likely feels he can gain from having them as a contact) HE WILL DELETE IT.