TRPWL Sean Matthew Tompkins – what conflict of interest halted his anti-child porn trolling?

Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL of The Real Pornwikileaks has wreaked havoc on the American pornographic industry since his official appearance on the scene in May of 2011 – however the question is WHY?

Veteran pornstar and LAtalkradio host Melissa Hill managed to interview Sean Matthew Tompkins earlier this year, and it was revealed that just prior to launching The Real Pornwikileaks he was supposedly part of an anti-child porn task force that trolled illegal torrent sites and forums such as XXXporntalk.

Strangely however, Sean Matthew Tompkins claims that he STOPPED working with the anti-child porn task force (which supposedly was run by his uncle) due to a CONFLICT OF INTEREST he developed with the pornographic industry contacts he made via his porn gossip blog and his relationship with porn agent Mark Spiegler.

The question is – what EXACTLY was the conflict of interest?