FSC attorney Karen Tynan, TRPWL aka Sean Matthew Tompkins & social media bullying / intimidation

WHY is porn / adult industry and Free Speech Coalition attorney Karen Tynan’s client Sean Matthew Tompkins (aka TRPWL of The Real Pornwikileaks) consistently pressuring LA Direct Models and Derek Hay to relinquish control of their social medial accounts (such as Twitter) and official blog to him when he ALREADY is the operator of Mark Spieglers’ social media operations?

Why hasn’t Tynan educated Tompkins in regards to a concept called “conflict of interest”? Does Tompkins not understand that LA Direct Models is essentially a competitor to his BFF Mark Spiegler? How long will Tynan turn a blind eye to the unethical bullying, stalking and intimidation that Tompkins feels he’s just in engaging in?

Did Sean Tompkins utilize that same intimidation and bullying tactics in his home town of Tonasket Washington (Okanogan County) to get Vantrese elected to PTO President?