Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Black women are a target for cyber stalkers & the concept of FAIR

Alexandra discusses the fact that Black women of all social backgrounds are highly targeted by cyberbullies – she also gives an update on the conclusion of Clark County civil case A-14-699072-C

The primary topic of this webcast has to do with the concept of “fair” and the reality that life is not fair. The secondary topic of this webcast is ” the illusion of freedom of speech in america”.

Alexandra shares her thoughts in regards to a sign of men who hate women generally being men who are willing to consciously make decisions that directly negatively affect their daughters.
The topic of the tragic path of daughters born to pornographers is discussed along with the issue of the price, risk and responsibility
of being a whistleblower, and lastly the horrific way in which both the AHF and the porn industry itself treats the adult industry talent.

Alexandra concludes with her thoughts about racism within
today’s court system – a system which Alexandra believes wasn’t
built to protect her.