Alexandra Mayers LIVE: Attention Fathers of Daughters – BEWARE of xxxPorntalk & moderator TRPWL

Be aware that the MANTRA of one of the most predatory and misogynistic online forums attached to the pornographic industry ( xxxPornTalk dot com) is: “Relax, it’s not your daughter”.

Ironically (but not surprisingly) well documented stalker, convicted
felon and step-father Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL (of Tonasket, WA and San Antonio, TX) is an active poster and/or moderator on xxxporntalk.

Is Tompkin’s step-daughter’s biological father in a rush to be in close proximity to his daughter again due to TRPWL’s activity within the porn industry? Quite possibly considering that many biological father’s worst nightmare is their daughter winding up in porn videos (and as we all know, Sean’s good friend Mark Spiegler likes the talent he represents to be “barely legal”).