Alexandra Mayers LIVE: AVN promotes pregnant prostitutes in an apparent effort to defend Donny Long

Alexandra Mayers kindly requests that the jerks and losers at AVN cease stealing her news story ideas in an apparent effort to justify and condone the abusive activity of male prostitute & criminal Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long in regards to his sexual exploitation of his wife (a PREGNANT trafficking victim) known as Heather and the abusive bullying, stalking & illegal harassment activity of Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL.

In this webcast – Alexandra revisits the situation in regards to legal
brothel owner Dennis Hof and his history of sexually exploiting
pregnant women in his brothels. Why is the pornographic (adult entertainment) industry today so fixated on recruiting pregnant women into pornography? Are porn industry professionals blind to the fact that the moment a pregnant woman acknowledges and intends to give birth to her unborn child, that the child deserves not to be exposed to the potential disease risks and physical harms the mother may encounter in the world of prostitution, pornography and sex work?

At this stage AVN might as well shut it’s website and magazine down considering that 1) they can’t muster up enough creativity to come up with their own news items and 2) they’ve stooped to the low of promoting what’s essentially CHILD ABUSE and PEDOPHILIA.