Alexandra Mayers LIVE: XXXstarPR publicly defames pornstars as “deadbeats”. Lawsuit time!

Alexandra Mayers has discovered that adult PR company XXXstarPR and Sean Matthew Tompkins (their primary promoter) publicly (and illegally) has defamed pornstars they once promoted as “deadbeats” on their website.

Considering that at one point in time Sean Matthew Tompkins owed thousands in child support (a fact that he’s taken measures to suppress) why has he seen fit to call out others who might be facing financial difficulty – especially when many of the pornstars xxxStarPR recruited didn’t initially want (or need) additional publicity to begin with?

It appears that Tracy DeMarcus, Alex Chance (who xxxstarPR claims committed credit card fraud) Priya Price, Gabriel Bender Cain, Kat Dior, Kate England & Callie Klein could all file a civil lawsuit against xxxStarPR which could essentially shut their operation down for good (or at least put the company into the hands of someone with professionalism and ethics).