Happy Birthday Melania Trump – have you considered speaking out against sex worker stigma?

(please keep in mind, I really don’t expect such an extreme example of economic privilege to lift one damn finger to help anyone but themselves)

On this webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra wishes Melania Trump (who claims not to have been a sex worker, though she clearly posed for nude photos with another woman in photographs that depict lesbian sexual activity) a Happy Birthday.

Alexandra suggests that since Melania Trump already has everything a woman could ask for, perhaps she should give back to the other American women who’ve also posed as nude models in sexual depictions – but ARE labeled as sex workers and who often face extreme negative stigma and discrimination in the work place.

Alexandra Mayers shares a story of workplace discrimination a woman she recently interviewed has faced and points out the hypocrisy of Republicans who accept Melania Trump as their “First Lady”, yet condemn other women who have walked a path similar to that of Melania (women who weren’t fortunate enough to land a husband with the level of wealth that Donald Trump has).