Alexandra Mayers LIVE: attention Dennis Hof, NFL Cheerleaders should NOT be equated to prostitutes

In this webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra addresses Bunny Ranch legal brothel owner directly to inform him that NFL (Raiders specifically) cheerleaders should NOT be equated to legal (or illegal) prostitutes.

In addition Alexandra Mayers questions Dennis Hof’s business ethics and legal knowledge in regards to his use of the Raider’s and NFL brands in his advertising and press releases. Alexandra then provides commentary on how the NFL has historically been a “family friendly” organization and that there isn’t room for prostitution promotion of any sort in such an organization.

Alexandra also reviews the tremendous amount of controversy, negative publicity and danger that has surrounded Dennis Hof, the Bunny Ranch brothel and the various other brothels (such as the Love Ranch) that he owns… controversy linked to Lamar Odom, Desi Foxx, Sunset Thomas, Jennifer O’Kane, assault allegations, the semi truck that recently destroyed one of Hof’s brothels and more.