White Privileged Enabled Pimp – preview from the PimpWikiLeaks.com music album

Enjoy this raw preview of “White Privileged Enabled Pimp” – one of Alexandra Mayers latest songs which will be released on the upcoming PimpWikiLeaks album which will be available exclusively via the educational resource http://www.PimpWikiLeaks.com – make sure you follow @PimpWikiLeaks on Twitter!

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We’ve got a problem in the world today
too many girls
are being led astray
with promises and dreams
of things that ain’t what they seem

We’ve got a problem in the world today
too many women
are being led astray
by material things and
stories told by men overtaken by greed

She thought he loved her
She thought he cared about her too
She told him
I’ll move all the way across the country
just to be with you

SHe thought he thought highly of her
she thought that he’d leave the industry too
but little did she know
he just used her for show
and eventually he’d turn her out too

cause he was nothing but a
white priveleged enabled pimp
trolling on the internet
with a virtual limp

he’d pulled so many girls
just like her
lied to so many girls
just like her