It is illegal for BOTH gay & straight porn studios to discriminate against HIV positive pornstars

Alexandra Mayers explains that it’s not a big deal that hiv positive performers may be welcomed to work on the straight side of porn soon, as in gay porn HIV positive performers have become the norm (for several years now in fact).

Alexandra Mayers further explains that the only people who really have problem with hiv positive people working in the straight side of porn are the pimps (who realize that fewer men will be willing to see female prostitutes who are also pornstars – due to their fear of
contracting HIV).

In addition Alexandra shares her thoughts about the straight “side” of the porn industry’s history of being illegally discriminatory – not only towards people with hiv, but to African-Americans (Blacks) as well (via the practice of not giving black pornstars pay equal to their counterparts of other ethnic backgrounds).

Alexandra has realized that the majority of black women in the porn industry remain silent about the racially based wage discrepancies due to the low pay keeping the number of black pornstars to a minimum (which means less competition within the porn industry for the black pornstars). Fewer black pornstars
translates to higher earnings “on the road” for a pornstar who escorts.

Alexandra Mayers also speculates as to whether as of current there is a large population of white hiv positive pornstars that the free speech coalition may be looking to re assimilate
into the porn industry. She questions how many HIV positive clients may be routinely visiting the Nevada legal brothels too.

As of current the arguments from MikeSouth .com & pornstars Alana Evans, Melissa Hill & India Morel (in regards to openly discriminating against HIV positive individuals) reflects those of
Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long (the criminal who founded the homophobic and racist hate crime known as Pornwikileaks).