LOVE, FAMILIES & especially MOTHERS are what criminals in the pornographic industry FEAR

In this webcast Alexandra Mayers encourages families, parents & mothers to be open to allowing their children (even if they’re adults) to return home to rebuild their lives outside of the adult entertainment industry.

Today the world of sex work embodies many dangers that didn’t exist in the past, and many sexworkers who love themselves are leaving. There are mechanisms in place that are designed to discourage or prevent sex workers of all types (pornstars, escorts, etc) from leaving the industry. Often times the parents, families and support systems of sex workers are targeted by pimps in effort to isolate the sex worker from getting their lives together.

Don’t be afraid of pornographers, pimps or anyone who seeks to enslave a sex worker. Such individuals are actually quite week and have no concept as to what the greatest power on Earth truly is – the power of LOVE.

The love of Mercedes Grabowski aka August Ames’ family could have saved her from the influence of Kevin Moore. His ex girlfriend Veronica Lynn’s mother was a major problem for him.