Thoughts on public figure pornstar Bobbi Dylan – her family didn’t disown her

After a pornographic industry hate crime known as Pornwikileaks attempted to spread the apparent lie that public figure & pornstar Bobbi Dylan’s family disowned her – I contacted her mother (who initially contacted me via email in September of 2016 without my prompting her to do so).

Click here to watch a followup video to this one which outlines the emails:

Upon contacting Bobbi’s mother today – I simply suggested she not give up on her daughter. In response her mother made it clear to me that she hadn’t and that she loves her daughter very much. Furthermore she stated that Bobbi is not disowned from her family.
As of current Bobbi is falsely stating that I posted her phone number and that it was 100% visible. I did my best to conceal her mother’s phone number. In addition Bobbi has made a threat of physical violence directed towards me.
Regardless, I’d rather Bobbi (or any pornstar) be angry with me for informing them that their family loves them, rather than them be mad at their family (especially their mother).