August Ames’ death & Kevin Moore’s forum posts as Dark Priest about gays in porn

As of current many parties both attached and unattached to the American pornography industry are blaming the death of Mercedes Grabowski (aka August Ames’) death on alleged social media bullying which supposedly was tied to pornstars Jessica Drake, Jaxton Wheeler & other “pro gay” twitter accounts.

However, Jaxton Wheeler’s wife has brought to light that she believes that Grabowski never saw Jaxton Wheeler’s tweet which people are alleging brought about her death.

In addition, few people have mentioned that the tweets Grabowski allegedly posted that many view as “anti-gay” reflect posts from around 2014 that her husband, Kevin Moore, made on the forum under the alias “Dark Priest” .

Alexandra Mayers shares many of the posts made by Kevin Moore aka Dark Priest in this webcast and provides commentary in regards to this situation.