Porn blogger TRPWL doesn’t think the age to be in porn should be raised to 21, but union leaders DO.

On this brief webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra presents news on a current debate between Sean aka TRPWL & the President of the Adult Performers Actors Guild porn union, Ruby, in regards to whether the minimum age of performers should be raised to 21.

For some reason, TRPWL feels the need to insult the leaders of APAG in regards to them being “out of work porn chicks in their late 40s” – it’s interesting that he doesn’t seem to realize that every working pornstar in her early 20’s will oneday BE in her late 40’s and in the same boat as Ruby.

If only Ruby had a time machine to go into the future, where she could talk to the future selves of the pornstars (who are in their 20’s today) that she’s trying to unionize.

The APAG wasn’t the first “porn union” attempt. Back in 2013, Alexandra Mayers herself was part of an effort launched by Rob Black to form a porn union called the UAWA (United Adult Workers Association).