2 of my better interviews are with non-Americans 

I was thinking today that it’s interesting that not just one, but two of my better interviews are with non-Americans.

One of my all time favorite interviews was with the photographer who shot Melania Trump nude, a man (who ironically is also a legitimate Prince) by the name of Jarl Alexandre Alé De Basseville. I still enjoy keeping in touch with him to this day – he’s always given me excellent advice when I’ve needed a fresh perspective.

My most recent interview with Alan DeLabie is definitely one of my favorites too.  He’s just a phenomenal man of many talents who I hope achieves his dream of becoming a Hollywood Actor.  He truly is today’s answer to Jean Claude Van Damme (and more)…

What I really like about both De Basseville and DeLabie is that both believe that one should NEVER allow another to control what you think and what you do (whether the individual or group attempting to support you claims to hate you OR support you). I completely agree with their mindsets.