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    alexandramayers 9:19 am on May 25, 2017 Permalink |
    Tags: 810, Alexandra Mayers, , band, conversations with God, David Gunn, , , , , King, King 810, King810, La petite mort, metal, , , , , , , rock,   

    David Gunn of King 810 – an Alexandra Mayers LIVE exclusive interview about the pornographic music video La Petite Mort

    Alexandra Mayers (formerly known as pornstar Monica Foster) presents an exclusive interview with David Gunn of the metal band King 810 ( http://www.King810.com ).
    Alexandra Mayers and David Gunn discuss King 810’s groundbreaking song & music video La Petite Mort (Conversations With God), what inspired the song and the creative process that led to incorporating hard core pornography in the music video (which can be viewed exclusively on PornHub.com).

    In addition Alexandra Mayers and David Gunn discuss issues pertaining to child abuse in the Catholic church, how the issue is illustrated in the King 810 Alpha & Omega music video and how tackling the horrific crime of child abuse and pedophilia seems to be a part of the “matrix” (mass consciousness) that many artists are tapping into in effort to address and eradicate the problem.

    David Gunn & his band’s official website is http://www.King810.com
    Twitter: @King810Flint
    Instagram: @King810Flint
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/king-810/id535492114

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    What an interesting start to the week… after I post this, I’m returning to my http://www.AlexandraMayersMusic.com musical realm, but I’ll tell you – there has been one hell of a strange vibe in the air the past few days.

    Get yourself in the mood to read the latest as to what’s happening in the porn blogosphere by imbibing the shot of music on the first post from a band called King 810 on the first post… then follow it up by reading the next few posts as a chaser.

    Being a porn industry independent investigative blogger has been an interesting time…but I want more. Sometimes once you finally get the “power” you thought you wanted, you realize that it’s just not a good fit for who you are.

    La Petite Mort from King 810 – the visuals are NSFW, but the audio is safe for the suffering soul

    pornstar Aria Michaels has major complaints about East Coast Direct Models, LA Direct models & Bella Roxxx

    Webcam Model Alexis Jane reports on East Coast Direct Model’s & Bella Roxxx’s unethical & racist attitudes

    Harsh words & new allegations from Stoney Lynn about Hussie Models and Riley Reynolds of Hot Girls Wanted

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    Tags: , Alexandra Mayers, , , , , , , female, final, , , melody, , , , , , , rough, , , , uplifting, ,   

    Lately (piano only rough edition – final)

    Enjoy this piano only rough edition of “Lately” – an original song by Alexandra Mayers and the first single from the music album Christian Pornstar vol. 1 (by Alexandra Mayers of http://www.AlexandraMayersMusic.com)

    The complete pop version of this song can be found on http://www.soundcloud.com/ChristianPornstar

    Look for more music, art & thoughts from the Christian Pornstar spiritual movement on http://www.ChristianPornstar.com (website set to re-launch in June of 2017).

    This song has been registered with the copyright office of the United States of America.

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    Tags: 1994, Alexandra Mayers, , cheerleader, varsity   

    A family member dug up this old photo of me, so I thought I’d share it. It’s from my day’s as a varsity cheerleader in 1994 back when I was a sophomore in high school. It was almost unheard of in my school for a sophomore to make the varsity team, but I (along with two other girls that year) broke the barrier.

    I really loved high school and being a cheerleader – I also was student council vice president one year, was on the track team and ran cross country. Yes, I was without a doubt an over achiever for a while. Ironically I didn’t finish high school – but I did go on to attend college for a couple years. I’m glad I didn’t complete my college degree because I only now know exactly what type of degree I want.

    Looking back, I’ve been very fortunate to always be liked and well received by the RIGHT people. I’ve led an incredible life full of accomplishment – and the cool part is that I’m just getting started 🙂
    cheerleader 1994

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    Tags: , Alexandra Mayers, , , , instrumental, , , , , , , , , , ,   

    Lately (piano only rough edition preview) – Christian Pornstar vol. 1 – Alexandra Mayers music 

    the official piano only rough edition preview of “Lately” – the first single from the music album Christian Pornstar vol. 1 (by Alexandra Mayers of http://www.AlexandraMayersMusic.com)

    The complete pop version of this song can be found on http://www.soundcloud.com/ChristianPornstar

    This song has been registered with the copyright office of the United States of America.

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      Cool of you to post this video. Nice to hear Lately stripped down to it’s simplest essence. Would have been nice to hear you sing it while you played it. This video gave me some ideas…Thanks.

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    Tags: Alexandra Mayers, , , divide and conquer, , humanity, , , , , prejudice, , , , , unity, We are all one   

    This is my final LIVE webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE (unless I’m conducting an open discussion). I will continue to post pre-recorded webcasts as long as the higher powers I believe in feel is needed.

    Follow my music on http://www.AlexandraMayersMusic.com and my spiritual, thought and art movement on http://www.ChristianPornstar.com

    Peace out.

    Transcript of the video above “We All Are ONE”:

    Alright, hello everyone once more, it’s me Alexandra Mayers on a supplemental Alexandra Mayers LIVE webcast.

    I wasn’t planning on coming back on here after my earlier webcast , but after I logged off I thought about a few things, and I thought to myself “You know what, enough’s enough”.

    My webcast earlier tonight focused on the injustices that Black performers face, but you know what – sometimes injustices are blessings in disguise.

    There’s been quite the debate over… well really since American pornography’s conception – in regards to how Black performers are treated – and yea – they’re treated badly. Black males and females receive far lower rates than their counterparts of other ethnicities. When I was in the adult entertainment industry that was something that I consistently I fought against, something I contended with, something that really pissed me off.

    But when I think back, with my mindset today, I’m glad that I was treated as badly as I was, because anyone who’s treated well in the adult entertainment industry – you’re basically being given a false sense of security. You’re being told that somehow you’re “oh so great” and “oh, everything going to be fine” – and really if you are a white performer, specifically a little blond girl, you’re being told one of the biggest lies on the planet, and I feel sorry for you. I’m glad I was given a rough ride…I’m real glad because at least that rough ride led me down a path to where my mind opened up in regards to the truth a lot faster than the blonde girls.

    That’s the reality.

    You know, tonight, I’m not just talking about porn – I’m talking about life. I’m talking about politics, I’m talking about religion, I’m talking society – mainstream, adult, I don’t care what it is. I’m telling you what is what…

    The reality is that it’s not the extremes on either side… be you extremely white or extremely black or extremely asian – or maybe some other thing that I can’t really think of at this moment, but you have a lot of jerks in the world who love to use the war tactic of “divide and conquer”.

    When you look at the roots of racism, prejudice, bigotry…anything negative that divides us – if you look really deep and really closely at who’s behind it, it’s not who you would think it is. It’s the people who are able to straddle the fence. It’s the people to where you look at them and you think “Hmmm, is that person white, or are they black or are they somewhere in between?”

    Really what you need to look at are the people who are able to utilize the “divide and conquer” method to their advantage for getting ahead in life. That’s something very important from everyone to keep in mind when they look at a lot of the societal divisions that are not just growing and not just in place right now, but that are adamantly being cultivated within our world.

    It makes me so sick – it really does.

    When you look at racism and prejudice, please do not just look at skin color, because sometimes there are people who have the “complexion for the protection” that can be your strongest advocates, and there’s others who might be an extreme of what you are… they may be blacker than night or lighter than the brightest day – who in actuality are your enemy, and who seek to enslave you… because they feel that if they do, they’re getting ahead and that maybe they’ll get some sort of reward from whatever powers that be (that ultimately seek to enslave all of us).

    There’s a lot of jerks who have looked at me and thought to themselves “ooooh this is a mouth piece that I can use to my advantage. Let me plant some seeds of hate within this little Black girl” (but that’s the thing, I’m not a Black girl…I’m a Black woman) “to see what she can do to further my plight or agenda…to give me an advantage”. And to those of you who thought that you could do that… I don’t just want you to go to hell… I want you to live extraordinarily long lives so that you have to sit there and watch me strategically replace each and every one of you with individuals who are far more moral, far more ethical, who have far more common sense and who have a soul – because that ain’t you…not at all.

    And a lot of you who are watching this webcast right now, you know exactly who I’m talking to and who I’m addressing.

    For the past seven years I have sought the truth. Initially I thought that it was the truth of pornography, and then I thought “oh maybe it’s the truth of politics”, then I thought “oh maybe it’s just the truth of how the world works”, but you know what truth I was really seeking? The truth of who I am. The truth of the kind of person I am…psychologically, spiritually and emotionally.

    And you know what, I love the person that I Alexandra Mayers, formerly known as Monica Foster is. I really love myself, but I don’t just love myself…I love those who love AND support me…and I want all of you out there to know that is one of the keys to life.

    I’m not going to sit here and act like I know every single key to life because I don’t, but I know that one of the primary keys to being a successful human being is surrounding yourself with and only listening to the opinions of people who both love and support you…love isn’t enough and support – that’s not enough either…it has to be both…it really does.

    I’m very fortunate to have been born with a really good brain. A brain that I have a heart, soul and consciousness that’s aware enough to utilize. There’s some people who focus primarily on their heart. There’s some people who are all about soul. There are some people who are completely logic based…but you can’t only be those three.

    You know they say that there’s only a certain amount of personality types but that’s not the truth. The truth is there are infinite possibilities. The truth is miracles are real. And the ultimate truth is that nothing is impossible. That’s something that all of us need to not just realize but take to heart…we really do.

    You know, later this year I’m going to be on tour. I’ll be on my Christian Pornstar tour which is going to be a focus on the Christian Pornstar movement…which is all about my thoughts, my art and my music. I am so grateful to the powers that be that created me to be able to explore that part of who I am and that part of my life that I didn’t have the confidence really to present to many of you over the years.

    But what I want all of you to keep in mind, is not to let the evil that’s a major part of our world control your thoughts, control your feelings… your emotions, your soul your being. Don’t let that evil plant that seed of hate.

    Don’t acknowledge color lines, don’t acknowledge religion…not when it draws you to start to hate somebody. Don’t acknowledge politics when it draws you to hate somebody – because it’s all a great big trick.
    The powers that be don’t want us to realize that we are all one. The good and the bad, the light and the dark, the black and the white. We’re all one.

    Just as there might be a saint running around doing a great thing, that saint wouldn’t exist if their counterpart who walks with the evil wasn’t doing the same. The key to life is balance. You have to acknowledge both.
    I have watched and explored the dark side for quite some time…but now, I’m saying goodbye to it – to explore the light side. Now in life will I ever explore the dark again? I might…I’m actually fairly certain that I will within the light side. A lot of my art and a lot of my music that I’ll be producing independently which will be of the light would not be if I had not been inspired by the dark.

    So that’s just something that I want all of you to keep in mind as you walk your own personal path…whatever it is that you do … whoever it is that you are, or whoever it is that you seek to be.

    I think the most important thing is that you never let or allow anyone to tell you who to be, because you were born with everything you ever needed to know to know who the hell it was, or is, that you should be regardless of your religion – be you Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Wiccan…even a Satanist… or maybe somewhere in between. Maybe you don’t acknowledge religion – maybe you don’t need it…

    But I think that we all need to adhere to the Golden Rule, and treat others in the same regard that we desire to be treated.

    Alright, that’s all that I wanted to say this evening. Thanks for popping in and listening…and I hope you all have a good weekend. If you want to learn more about who I am today, just visit http://www.AlexandraMayersLIVE.com or you can go to http://www.ChristianPornstar.com – and that URL will forward you wherever it is that you are meant to go.

    See ya later.

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      Touching statements to end on. As I’ve said to you in the past…I hope your wishes for our future as a world come true. I really do.

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    Last night after my live webcast, a lot of evidence in regards to the various lies and possible truths from a multitude of pornographic industry figures on the twitter account @xtianpornstar – so I ask that those the information may be of interest to in a just way to view (and if necessary follow) the account to record the information (starting May 8th, 2017 at 10:48pm EST).

    The information revolves primarily around TRPWL (Sean Matthew Tompkins), Kelli of the Naughty News Network, Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long and an industry insider source.

    As of current, I’m unable to tell exactly who is being truthful and who is not – I feel that’s for those in positions of power to decide. Regardless, myself and my family members have been utilized as leverage (pawns) in the above mentioned individual’s personal and criminal battles who are either unwilling or incapable of fighting their own battles.

    I’ve made it clear today that I am no longer willing to communicate with anyone in or attached to the American pornographic industry. In addition people in American government and legal positions have been notified in regards to this matter (they either are or soon will be in possession of my evidence).

    Throughout the hate crimes myself and family have endured, my life has been threatened and I have been told that my freedom will be taken from me. I believe only God has the power to effect whether or not I remain free and alive.

    A multitude of text messages from porn industry public figured in regards to prejudice and hate towards people of the Jewish faith will soon be made public. Just as a Black woman I despise racism and prejudice towards Blacks (African-Americans), I don’t feel those of the Jewish faith should be recipients of such hate either.

    Donny Long & Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL’s attack dog prompts the truth of exactly WHO in porn hates the Jewish

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    Tags: A-14-699072-C, , Alexandra Mayers, , , , , , , clark country, cybercrime, , , , , , group, , , , , ivan mayers, , , , , , , pornogaphy, , , , , , United States of American,   

    More of the reality of the hate crime I, my mother, my father & my family has endured for several years. Las Vegas, Clark County Nevada, Eighth Judicial District Court Civil case A-14-699072-C Dept.32 Civil case (which the attorneys who filed it have requested to be transferred to Criminal Court by Judge Rob Bare) is the evidence of pornographic industry & Free Speech Coalition attorneys attempting to shield and protect Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL (and his affiliates and associates).

    This is how the world works… as I’ve said repeatedly over the years, if you’re a “whistle blower” think long and hard before you blow that whistle. Furthermore, the adult entertainment industry is too dangerous to enter as of current because it is over run and controlled by organized crime. Lastly, if you are Black or African-American, though it pains me to say this, the United States of America’s legal system was not created to benefit OR protect you when it comes to many instances in life.

    I hope one day (hopefully sometime soon) things change.

    sean matthew tompkins aka trpwl owns donny long aka donald carlos seoane's name 03

    Thank you to Ari Scott Bass and his wife Christina for being exactly who you’ve been over the past few years. If you hadn’t been exactly who you are (though we’ve had our differences) events would have concluded far differently. May you both live happy, healthy and long lives.

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    Tags: , , , Alexandra Mayers, , Ana Foxxx, , , , , , , , homophobic, , hypocrites, , , lies, Miami, , , , , , , , , ,   

    Showtime likely edited Ana Foxxx from their 2017 AVN awards broadcast due to her multitudes of Escort ads – not due to her race

    Showtime likely edited Ana Foxxx from their 2017 AVN awards broadcast due to her multitudes of Escort ads – not due to her race

    Mystikal was good enough for the Ellen Show & the industry as a pornstar, but not the Xbiz Miami summit? HYPOCRISY & DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT ALERT!

    Mystikal was good enough for the Ellen Show & the industry as a pornstar, but not the Xbiz Miami summit? HYPOCRISY & DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT ALERT!

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    Tags: , Alexandra Mayers, , , , , , documentary, , , , , Film, , , , , Gene Ross, , , , , , Jill Bauer, , , , mafia, , , Peter Warren, political face, , , , , Quincy Jones, , Rob Zicari, Ronna Gradus, , Sundance, , , , Turned On   

    Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On – a commentary & analysis of the porn industry, FSC & Pornwikileaks

    On this webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra Mayers provides commentary and analysis for Rashida Jones (producer of the Sundance Film Festival movie Hot Girls Wanted) and Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On (Netflix series) producers Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus. It’s likely that the Los Angeles porn industry is looking to build a legal case against Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On – so hopefully the producers will find this insight useful should they need to defend themselves.

    (excuse the audio please due to recording technical difficulties)

    Alexandra explains that the recent criticism of Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On does not come from the porn industry as a whole, but instead the political face of the Los Angeles porn industry – The Free Speech Coalition.

    In this webcast, Alexandra shares her thoughts on the hypocrisy of AVN writer Peter Warren and the pornstars who have allegedly complained about being in the Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On series.

    In addition, Alexandra Mayers questions why the FSC is so fixated on the supposed “invasion of privacy” and “wrongs” of Hot Girls Wanted, when not too many years ago Pornwikileaks and it’s front man Donald Carlos Seoane (with the cooperation of Ari Scott Bass and Sean Matthew Tompkins of The Real Pornwikileaks) engaged in racially based and homophobic hate crimes far more extreme than anything depicted in the Hot Girls Wanted franchise.

    Alexandra verifies the Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On producers recent comments in regards to the Free Speech Coalition – and the fact that over the years, the FSC has habitually utilized intimidation and legal tactics to silence a multitude of independent investigate bloggers and journalists who have documented the truth of the pornographic industry (Luke Ford, Mike South, Gene Ross, Rob Zicari and Alexandra Mayers herself as of current – who is defending herself in court in a near half a million dollar Civil defamation lawsuit filed against her be a well known Free Speech Coalition attorney…a lawsuit that has the specific intention of stifling her first amendment rights – Clark County Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court Civil case: A-14-699072-C Dept. 32 ).

    Alexandra Mayers goes into detail about how nowadays, it’s almost pointless for pornstars to utilize stage names considering that today (the moment you participate in ANY pornographic media) it’s incredibly likely that your real (legal) name will be attached to the product. As of current hundreds (if not thousands) of pornstars have their real names linked to their stage name on IMDB.com (along with a variety of other websites aside from Pornwikileaks).

    Alexandra Mayers makes it clear to current and potential adult entertainers and pornstars that they need to understand that if they’re not 100% comfortable with their legal name (and likely their family) being attached to their on camera actions, then they have no business getting on camera in the first place.

    Alexandra Mayers (formerly known as pornstar Monica Foster) is an Artist, Musician, Author, Social Commentator, Historian, Investigative Blogger & Researcher. She is also the founder of http://www.PornNewsToday.com

    Further information on Alexandra Mayers can be found on http://www.AlexandraMayers.com or http://www.AlexandraMayersLIVE.com

    the truth of Pornwikileaks can be found on http://pornwikileaks.blogspot.com

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