A few reasons why pornstars and women in general shouldn’t date men in or attached to the pornography industry. Narcissism & Murder. 

I decided to re-post these thoughts from my twitter feed @AlexMayersLIVE because these points are important for women (be they a pornstar or not) to be aware of:

I highly suggest that you not date or have children with any man in or attached to the pornography industry. They are all abusive, mentally ill, narcissists who are often stalkers & criminals. Find a NORMAL man who actually loves you (who is NOT attached to the pornography industry).

Men attached to the porn industry are abusive narcissists completely incapable of maintaining a long term relationship or remaining faithful. After they have kids they realize having a family isn’t all fun & games. They get bored & try to reconnect with their exes. Then when the exes reject them they stalk their exes. This is a pattern that I have witnessed, experienced as an ex porntar and have received multiple reports (over the years) of from other women who are ex pornstars.

The only reason I continue to tweet, blog and write about some of these things is so that in the event I’m murdered, investigators have a record as to exactly who was fixated on me, who has a history of wishing death upon me & who needs to either get life in jail or the death penalty.

One of the primary reasons you shouldn’t marry or have children with a man attached to the porn industry is because a common scam they run is to take out a large life insurance policy on you the second you marry them. Sometimes they do the same for any children they have…

Then they find a way to kill you. Generally they make it look like an accident (making the death appear to be an OD is the most common method). The death is rarely questioned because law enforcement typically doesn’t investigate too far into the death of sex workers.

Men attached to the porn industry generally get away with marrying, killing & collecting life insurance on women who either are not close to their family or have no family. They especially prefer a target who is from a foreign country.

I believe one of my primary stalkers has the plan to make his target look like she drowned while they were out on his boat. He’s been setting the stage for a while now. She has no friends, no family, she’s a sex worker & she’s foreign.

I’ve noticed that a high number of pornographers have boats. Nowadays I feel it’s primarily because lakes and the ocean are the best places to dispose of dead bodies or set the stage for “accidental deaths” of their victims who aren’t known to be drug users & wouldn’t likely OD.

I think these psycho narcissist men in the porn industry are behind many of the latest deaths of young pornstars because there’s so many ways to make money off their deaths… Increased sales of their porn (after a pornstar dies, there’s a surge in the public’s interest and consequently the sales of her adult content) , life insurance collections, GoFundMe donation collections for “funeral expenses”, etc… I hate to say it, but many men in the porn industry have realized that young pornstars today are often worth more dead than alive. It’s a scary thought and exactly why no woman should ever date, marry or even spend time alone with a man in the porn industry.