Pornography featuring Pregnant women should be ILLEGAL & labeled CHILD ABUSE & PEDOPHILIA 

On this installment of Alexandra Mayers LIVE, Alexandra explains why pornography and adult content featuring pregnant women (women with the intent of carrying their child to full term) should be illegal and considered child abuse AND pedophilia.

Alexandra explains that the intense stalking that she and her family have been the recipients of (stalking attached to members of organized crime in the USA pornography industry) seems to have intensified upon her uncovering that a member of Randazza Legal Group attended a luncheon hosted by an internationally known convicted pedophile attached to the libertarian party
of nevada known as August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow.

Alexandra also shares why she believes the pornstar known as Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane is an excellent example of why porn featuring pregnant women should be illegal – being
that Seoane has exploited and profited off of his wife’s pregnancy up to the end of her 3rd trimester.

Is the porn industry’s exploitation of pregnant women carrying children to full term linked to the “hollywood pedophile ring” that celebrities (such as Corey Feldman) have reported?