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  • Salvador Davila 4:29 am on December 10, 2016 Permalink |  

    Hi Ms. Mayers i watched your show amd i appreciate you mentioning my email i sentto you. I was a little upset about you saying i might be a stalker. Im far from that, i had given up on her im from a small town who Tanner has made herself a name with manyguys who had never seen her or personaly have never talked to her. I just have friends here that knew she was not real. I confronted her many times and even stopped talking to her foe awhile. She was the one always begging me to be in her life even to a point calling me her boyfriend among many other guys here in this town. I am a man who listens and always takes everyones word. The last time i talked to Tanner Mayes Aka ( Aniyah) i confronted her with the information that i knew about her thats when she deleted her Aniyah Rodriguez Facebook. Im going to take your advice and forget her. Im sure just like in the past she will return as Aniyah Rodriguez. I have kept the things i know about her to myself because i feel sorry for her even more because of who she really is. You are right she needs to be careful and needs to stop playing with peoples hearts because it will catch up to her one day. I wish i wouldve kept things that i knew about her to myself because maybe she was trying to reinvent herself and i ruined it for her or maybe not, that ill never know. Kepp up the goid work and by the way you have my vote in 2024 for President. Take care and God Bess you always

  • alexandramayers

    alexandramayers 2:54 am on December 9, 2016 Permalink |
    Tags: , , announcement, candidacy, , , potus, , united states of america   

    Today I decided that I will run for President of the United States of America in the year 2024 to lead those wishing to UPGRADE AMERICA’S OPERATING SYSTEM.

    president Alexandra Mayers - 2024

    I will win.

  • Salvador Davila 2:13 pm on December 8, 2016 Permalink |  

    Goodmorning, i recently found out who tanner mayes is. Ive talked to her for about a year on facebook but
    But knewher by the name of Aniyah Rodriguez. I had no idea she was in the porn business, when i found out,
    I was in complete shock, im very hurt have had no vontact with her atcall because she deleted her fb.
    I just hope and pray that the prayers for her to open her eyes and get away from that world she is tangleg in.
    She is a very loving and thoughtful young woman. Any advice?

    • alexandramayers

      alexandramayers 4:32 pm on December 8, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I haven’t thought about Tanner in a VERY long time… I never met her personally, but I’ve known OF her issues over the years and have always hoped she’d get her life to less dangerous level.

      Tanner has been extensively targeted over the years (in my opinion) and bullied. I’ve always suspected that evil pornographer Jeff Mullin / Will Ryder had a lot to do with the negativity she’s faced…

      I’ll share my thoughts with you on your situation on my live webcast tomorrow night at 10pm EST

      • Salvador Davila 10:57 pm on December 8, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Ok ill watch it. Im really sad i had no idea about her life because she didntvshare too much. I offered her a simple life and she seemed excited but i have a feeling she is still caught up in that evil web of porn. She always said i helped her in so many ways. I am hurt and feel really bad if id only known.

  • alexandramayers

    alexandramayers 4:33 pm on December 7, 2016 Permalink |
    Tags: 16NY3815, , , , , , , , , , , , ,   

    Did legal brothel owner Dennis Hof rape Jennifer O’Kane? Pahrump, Nevada police case number 16NY3815

    In this Porn News Alert, Alexandra reports that a woman by the name of Jennifer O’Kane has filed a police report and attained a case number in regards to her claim that legal brothel owner Dennis Hof raped her.

    As of current, Alexandra has interviewed 3 women (Jennifer O’Kane, Diana fka Desi Foxx and Diane fka Sunset Thomas) who have stated that Dennis Hof engages in unethical, illegal and/or unprofessional behavior.

    Alexandra feels at this stage, the 3 women making allegations against Dennis Hof all deserve an opportunity to testify against him in a court of law so that they can attain closure.

  • alexandramayers

    alexandramayers 12:17 pm on December 7, 2016 Permalink |
    Tags: , advice, agenda, , , , , , , , , , ,   

    Alexandra Mayers LIVE – Winter, Michael Weinstein of the AHF & HIV killing the POOR

    Alexandra Mayers begins Friday December 2nd’s webcast by sharing her thoughts on her love of Winter & the Holiday season.

    Alexandra then recaps her coverage of the situation involving the porn industry’s open physical bullying of Michael Weinstein at an LA fitness gym.

    Alexandra then explains that from her perspective, Weinstein’s reasonable (and logical) objective with the porn industry from the start in actuality was to assist in protecting the performers by managing the STD (HIV) testing in the United States porn industry (rather than “hurt” or “take over” the porn industry as the Free Speech Coalition would have you believe).

    Alexandra concludes the webcast by explaining that until the world’s populace is in a better economical position, the mantra “HIV is a manageable disease” can’t be feasibly proposed. The reality is the majority of porn industry performers are poor (which is why they often find their way into sex work in the first place).

    CA Gov. Brown Signs ‘Condoms as Evidence’ Bill

  • alexandramayers

    alexandramayers 11:54 pm on December 6, 2016 Permalink |
    Tags: Africa, , , China, colonization, , displacement, , earthling, , indigenous, Pride, , , travel,   

    Alexandra Mayers LIVE : Thoughts on travel, Africa, displacement & being human on Earth

    Alexandra Mayers talks about her travel plans, thoughts in regards to wanting to visit areas of the world where the indigenous people flourish and shares her feelings about being an African-American woman.

  • alexandramayers

    alexandramayers 9:47 pm on December 6, 2016 Permalink |
    Tags: , , , opinion, sexuality,   

    Alexandra Mayers LIVE : Thoughts on Sexuality

  • alexandramayers

    alexandramayers 12:39 am on December 4, 2016 Permalink |
    Tags: agent, , , , hearing, order, protection, , , , talent,   

    Looks like a talent agent is having the same problems I’ve had over the years with my stalker – Sean Tompkins

    Hopefully the protection order he is filing for will help the situation.

  • alexandramayers

    alexandramayers 1:02 am on December 3, 2016 Permalink |

    Alexandra Mayers LIVE – Transexual pornstar escorts & Michael Strother aka Mike South is being sued

    In this Wednesday’s webcast of Alexandra Mayers LIVE – Alexandra explores the issue
    of Transexual pornstars being marketed to the general public via “straight” pornstar
    escort agencies such as HelpUBookHer (Help U Book Her), along with the element of
    pornstars testing positive for HIV / AIDS (which is linked to the situation).

    In addition Alexandra reports on the legal situation of Michael Strother
    aka Mike South aka Tom South… a self defined pimp and blogger. As of this week
    it was made public (by well known stalker Sean Matthew Tompkins) that Strother
    is being sued for defamation by a private citizen who’s had enough of being bullied
    by Strother on

  • alexandramayers

    alexandramayers 6:22 pm on December 2, 2016 Permalink |
    Tags: , , , danny mountain, gang, , , la fitness, ,   

    Never turn a blind eye to ANYONE being unjustly stalked, harassed, bullied or intimidated.

    In this Porn News Alert (brought to you by, Alexandra shares some extremely disturbing video footage of porn bully, domestic violence villain and male prostitute Danny Mountain stalking, confronting and physically intimidating the modern day saint and HIV activist Michael Weinstein (President of the AHF).

    For many years now Alexandra has made it known to the public the porn industry is FULL of bullies and thugs attached to organized crime – and the video clips of Danny Mountain in this Porn News Alert are the evidence.

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